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Kids Yoga

PFY Kids offers thoughtful yoga for kids at all ages and levels from birth to teens. We also serve pre- and postnatal moms plus children and adults with special needs. We take kids yoga seriously while keeping the atmosphere at our dedicated studio happy, positive and fun. We hire the most experienced teachers who are kids yoga experts at the different age levels and groups. We believe children love learning about yoga poses, philosophy, meditation, relaxation, healthy habits and more. We also believe that it’s never too early to begin the yoga journey. That’s why we offer Mommy and Me classes for the youngest babies. We continue their kids yoga education through preschool, elementary and the tween and teen years, too.

Kids yoga is healthy and beneficial

Yoga is a practice that offers life-long mind and body benefits. Imagine if you had the tools of yoga when you were an adolescent? Meditation and mindfulness is proven to improve concentration, memory and well-being. We teach kids how to be more present in each moment and how to resolve internal and external conflicts more easily. Yoga poses and age-appropriate flows offer exercise that strengthen and lengthen young bodies in healthy and therapeutic ways. We use researched and proven techniques such as kid-specific postures, sun salutations, crafts, music, mindfulness, meditation, restorative poses, singing, music, games and more to help kids learn yoga. Our goal is to keep them feeling encouraged, engaged and energetic. We even offer music therapy to groups who will benefit the most from sound therapy. At PFY Kids, we have created a well-researched kids yoga program to enlighten, inspire and teach our students everything that is so great about the yoga lifestyle. We believe kids yoga creates happy, healthy and well-rounded children. We hope you’ll contact us with any questions. You’re invited to stop by our beautiful studio at any time to see what we do and why we are so passionate about yoga for kids.