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Family Yoga

Grab your whole family and do yoga together at PFY Kids

PFY Kids is changing the world one family at a time. This all-ages class allows parents and children to experience a yoga practice together. In a family yoga class, parents and children will engage in fun partner poses, mindfulness games and stories to observe and better understand each other. As parents discover how their children learn, the kids get the rare opportunity to see their parents as students or beginners. Through this playful class, parents become their children’s primary teacher of proper classroom behavior. For one hour, your whole family will relax and have some much-needed fun time together. Live like a kid again—with your kids!

Join us for our next Family Yoga Class:

Beach Party on Sunday, 8/26 from 3:30 to 4:30 pm

Make it a family tradition to do yoga with your kids

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