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Pre/Postnatal Yoga

Pre/Postnatal Yoga

Whether you’re pregnant or you’ve given birth recently, our prenatal and postnatal yoga classes are designed for you. You can start coming to class when your body feels ready and/or your doctor gives you clearance. Most women start to feel better during the end of the first trimester and beginning of the second. You will get the most benefits from our classes if you attend throughout your pregnancy, starting when you’re ready. Postnatal women may feel fine a few weeks after giving birth and some will need to wait a few months. Call us to ask questions or ask a doctor when you can return to yoga.

Yoga helps the prenatal and postnatal body.

We can help you get back into shape before and after you have your baby. Prenatal and postnatal yoga will tone the body slowly and gently. We can also help ease anxiety and calm the mind. Our prenatal and postnatal classes include gentle poses that are right for you. Some exercises may be more strenuous, but we promise that they are safe and beneficial. You can always choose exactly what you feel comfortable doing. We offer great options for you when it’s uncomfortable to be on your back or your belly. We also know the best ways to restore the core area post-baby. This practice is more gentle than a regular practice on purpose. We want to give you the space and time you need to expand and then heal. It’s amazing what your body can do and how it bounces back from childbirth.

Yoga helps soothe the prenatal and postnatal mind.

You’re going through a major life change. Before and after having the baby, the mind can go in many different directions. Ease your worries and learn to let go in our prenatal and postnatal yoga classes. We’ll teach mom-specific breathing techniques you can do anytime. Plus, each class will include meditation to calm the mind and much-needed relaxation for the whole body. Treat yourself to our prenatal and postnatal yoga classes by clicking here. You will be so glad you did.