Powerflow Yoga - Kids - Yoga Classes

Yoga in Your School

One of our certified Children’s Yoga Teachers can come into your classroom.

Yoga in the Classroom

We will come into your classroom and lead students through a short but effective class using mindfulness exercises, meditation tools and yoga poses to increase attention and focus and cultivate a sense of calm in your room. We recommend a 20- to 35-minute session, and we are happy tailor everything to your grade and your needs.

After School Yoga Class

Students can choose to take a yoga class with one of our certified teachers. Classes will include themes, breathing techniques, yoga poses, mindfulness exercises, games and a final relaxation.

Yoga in the Gym

We can create yoga classes for larger groups of students, too. These classes are typically 40- to 60-minutes, and we will create a theme, teach poses, lead meditation and get them into relaxation. Yoga in the Gym is great for school assemblies, special occasions and events at your school. We recommend Yoga in the Gym anytime, but especially before stressful situations like standardized testing or after a traumatic incident.